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Why there may be thousands of stink bugs hiding under your sofa”  (Published in The Conversation)-  October 28, 2018 Hibernating Insects


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National Post

McMaster Brighter World

The Weather Network

“Fish fly takes Caledonia by storm during breeding season” (Published in CBC Hamilton) – August 9, 2018 FishFlyBreeding


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year- for mosquitoes” (Published in McMaster Brighter World) – August 1, 2018 Mosquitoes and their bite


Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium:

Congratulations to Victoria for winning the Best Oral Presentation in the Ecology and Impact of Environment Category at the 2017 McMaster University Biology Undergraduate Symposium! – April 7, 2017



Insect Biotech Conference Awards:

Congratulations to Ryan and Irtaza for winning 1st place in both the short and long-talk categories (respectively) at the Insect Biotech Conference!  A job well done: June 8-10, 2016


Ryan and Irtaza present their research on the cardiac physiology of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug at the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention: February 17-18, 2016


“Fantastic bugs and where to find them” (Published in the Toronto Star Touch App)-  January 29, 2016 Toronto Star-Fantastic Bugs


“Why grasshoppers are plaguing Alberta’s farms” (Published in the McMaster DailyNews)- July 27, 2015 DailyNews-GrasshoppersLoveDroughts


“New labs to be a ‘game changer’ for undergraduate learning” (Published in the McMaster DailyNews)-July 24, 2015 DailyNews-TheStinkBugProject_inALLURE


“Hold your nose: those stinky bugs are back” (Published in the Hamilton Spectator)-April 8, 2015 BMSB-They’re Back!


“Wanted in Hamilton: thousands of brown marmorated stink bugs” (Published in the Hamilton Spectator)-September 30, 2014 Wanted: BMSB


“Biology has a new project for undergrads-and it stinks” (Published in the McMaster DailyNews)- September 25, 2014 DailyNews-McMaster Stink Bug Project